Introducing Measure Map

Measure areas and perimeters over Google Maps with professional accuracy and on the go.


Measure Map lets you quickly and easily measure multiple distances, perimeters and areas with laser sharp precision! It even takes into account the curvature of the earth’s surface. Use it for small areas or large, then share your findings via any sharing app you have on your device.

Calculate surface areas, buildings, plots, floors, forest areas or dimensions for fencing, sports tours, trips or anything you need for field work without having to go to the spot to take measurements. Only one finger to calculate with astonishing accuracy all these measurements over satellite images.

That’s what Measure Map is for, to put a powerful, portable measuring tool right in the palm of your hand. Your tablet or smartphone can now provide you with totally precise measurements of any distance, from as small as one tenth of a meter to as big as thousands of kilometers or miles, even taking the curvature of the earth’s surface into account when measuring. It does all that, fast and effortlessly.

Just one "Magic" button for all the operations to easily place points without losing it's professional accuracy.

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Welcome to our New Website

posted on Sunday, Oct. 24th, 2015 by valonso

We are proud to present to you the new and improved Measure Map website, easier navigation and more user-friendly, you can find anything you need as in the old website but this time it's faster, more beautiful and simply awesome.

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Easy to use

Drag our smart crosshair to easily place your point just on the right position.


Measure down to the inch, you can rest assure that your measurements are always precise.
*(Exclusive extra zoom on IOS version makes us unique)

Offline Maps

Navigate through the map you want to cache when you have internet connection to save for offline use later.
We just load maps faster

Track Mode

Automatically drop pins on your current GPS position at time and distance intervals to draw polygons, areas or routes on the go.

Elevation Profile

Show an elevation profile chart of the area or distance you're working with in real time.

Cloud service

Save your projects to to your favorite cloud service to load them on your other devices.

Measure Map Lite


The lite version of Measure Map. With a limitation of 6 pin, our free option may be suitable for ocasional user measuring not very complex areas or routes.

Measure Map


The usual version. All the impressive features of Measure Map for common users. Ability to measure complex areas and routes and print them or export them in different formats through e-mail or dropBox.

Measure Map Pro


If you use Measure Map for professional reasons you may consider Measure Map Pro. Some additions to the normal version:
* Multiple measurements (polygons) on screen. Calculation of the total surface or length and individual measurements.
* Subtraction of polygons (holes).
* Azimuth or bearing.
* KML, KMZ and GPX import
* Shapes: Circles and rectangles
* Custom colors
* Tracking of current position. Useful to measure as you go.
* Multiple map sources (Bing, Here, Arcgis, Open Maps, etc.) through in-app-purchase

Agro Measure Map Pro


Wether you are a farmer or work with fields and agriculture tasks you will find this version as the most fitted assistant to your business. We talk farming.
Some additions to the Pro version:
** Creation of buffer areas around polygons (Fencing and spraying works help)
** Split of polygons to divide fields.

Comparison table




Agro Pro

Overzoom*IOS version
Map, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain
Cache Maps (offline)
Modes: Add, insert, delete, move, info
Undo & redo
Street view
Coordinate system: Decimal, DMS, DM, UTM
Different Length and Area System Units.
Different attributes for lines and areas, including color, thickness and transparency
Exporting formats: MMP, KML (Google Earth), CSV (Excel), GPX, Image (PNG) and PDF
Save and load files via Dropbox or any storage service on your device.
Intelligent snapshots
Elevation Profile and altitude of a route
Geodesic Segments
Unlimited number of Pins
Multiple measurements (polygons)
Holes or isles on polygons
Shapes (circles & rectangles)
Angles and Azimuth or Bearing
Import KML, KMZ, GPX
Custom colors
Pincision: Navigation mode to insert pins giving distance + bearing
Autosave current work
Extra maps via in-app-purchase: Bing, Here Maps, ArcGIS, Map Quest, Open Street, ...
Track mode: drop pins on current GPS position at regular intervals
Creation of buffers around polygons with round, square and mitre corner styles
Split of polygons

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