Measure Map includes iCloud® online service support

The new version of Measure Map includes support for iCloud. Perform measurements with your iPhone or iPad and use other iPhones or iPads automatically without doing anything, just the files are there.

Using the iCloud feature of Measure Map also allows to perform a backup in the cloud automatically. Make sure the measurements you take ​​are not lost accidentally.

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  • Markmoritz

    If you have the iPhone and iPad pro version the iCloud files aren’t shared between the two platforms unfortunately.

    • Anonymous

      Yes they are. If you have iCloud activated in both devices (Documents and Data included) and you have activated the iCloud option on Measure Map, then the files should be on both iPhone and iPad. You can see the the files stored on iCloud in: Setup / iCloud / Storage & Backup / Manage Storage / Measure Map Pro

  • Justinrojas

    Hi, I just upgraded to 2.6 on my ipad2. Suddenly the app won’t open. Ever sinve i purchased this app -I love this product since it’s earlier versions. I don’t know why the app won’t open even after installing/upgrading to 2.6. I don’t use icloud, could this be an issue? I’ve tried reinstalling from my purchased

    • Anonymous

      It should open even if you don’t activate iCloud. If you have already reinstalled,. please try a device reset.

      • Justinrojas

        Hi. Thanks for your quick reply. I’ve tried rebooting my ipad2 several times in diffent sequences eg: remove app, reboot, reinstall app, reboot -> didn’t work, app won’t open. So I tried in my mbp13 I updated the app there via iTunes. Then I synced my ipad2 after removing it from my ipad2. Still the same result. The moment I tap on the icon, it launches for about 1 second then closes.

        Now I synced my iphone4 w iTunes -> now my ip4 has the same results :(

        It was working fine at version 2.5 :(

        • valonso

          Hi Justin,

          You are right. Measure Map doesn’t open with IOS 4.3. I’ll fix it immediatelly. If you need it now, please update to IOS 5. I’ll keep you informed with the progess.

        • Justinrojas

          Unbelievable! In trying to look for a solution now I think I’ve erased the app completely from iTunes. This is frustrating. I’ve tried ips from google like Authorizing reauthorizing adding a free app, updating all updates.

          My other apps work fine

          I’m still on 4.3.3 btw ipad2 and iPhone 4.

          Is there a way to get 2.5 back?

          • Vmalonso

              It’s a silly bug when using IOS 4.3. It’s already fixed, but Apple takes it’s time to approve updates. Updating to IOS 5 solves the problem. If you can’t or don’t want to update to IOS 5, plese wait for the new release which fixes the problem. If you can’t wait, please email me and I’ll send you a code to download Measure Map Pro for free (Until I run out of codes).

          • Justinrojas

            Thank you very much. Clearly you are very dedicated to your app. Hats off to you sir. Very good support. This app is very useful and it just keeps getting better. Thanks

  • David

    How do you rotate the map ?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, it can’t be rotated.

      2012/1/18 Disqus

  • petersonkelly986

    Can it rotate? Its look like you are trying  make environment to help by this online service support. :)

  • Rich

    When will the update be out so I can measure an area? The units of measurement do not appear on my screen

  • Tonia

    Hi just bought measure map to measure paddocks on our farm. I seem to be only able to do one measurement. I would like to make multiple separate areas. Can this be done?
    Please help. Thanks

    • Victor Alonso Barberan

      Yes, you can make multiple measurements and much more additional things with with Measure Map Pro: More information on the App Store

  • Rob

    I have purchased the pro version but don’t see any difference from the basic version. What am I missing for my $36?

    • vmalonso

      Hello Rob,

      Thank you for purchasing Measure Map Pro.

      The main differences with the non-pro version:

      * Calculates multiple areas and routes simultaneously
      * Ability to create inner polygons as “holes” (or islands).
      * Ability to select additional satellite imagery and maps, including: Microsoft Bing, Here from Nokia, ArcGis, Yahoo Maps, Open Street Maps (through in-app purchase).
      * Drawing of shapes: circle and rectangle.
      * Calculates azimuth or bearing (take into account that for long distances the measurement may seem wrong, but it’s due to the Mercator projection of the world map. The measurements are right)
      * Displays altitude above sea level, azimuth and *angle between points*. * Imports KML and KMZ formats
      * DM coordinate system (DDMM.MMMMMM)
      * Track mode: drops a pin on the user’s GPS position at given intervals to track position,
      * import/export GPX format
      * Customized colors for lines and polygons.
      * Input points in “Navigation mode”: distance and bearing from the previous point.


      Victor Alonso.

      2013/6/2 Disqus

  • Dan

    I had measure map and up graded to the Pro. When I’m measuring a parking lot for SQFT on my Ipad sometimes it goes to a 1/4 screen? Am I doing something wrong?