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Ile Sanit-Louis. Paris. France.

I could never find out on the Internet the surface of the island. Now I know.

Ille-saint-louis-paris.mmp (3 KB)

Monza The mythic circuit of Monza. Italy.

Not bad accuracy, a difference of just 14 m with the “official” length.
With Measure Map, the length is 5.779 km and the “official” lenght is 5.793 km. I must have cut the corners :-)

monza.mmp (3 KB)

The Pentagon. Arlington County, Virginia.

The real dimensions of The Pentagon

pentagono.mmp (428 B)

The Pentagon. Arlington County, Virginia.

The large central paza of the Pentagon

pentagono.mmp (428 B)

Alcatraz. San Francisco Bay.

The rock

alcatraz3.mmp (2 KB)

Nou Camp. Barcelona. Spain.These are the dimensions of the Nou Camp. Barça team.nou_camp.mmp (361 B)