What is next

These are the features we working on for the next release.

Working on it

  • Adapting Measure Map to the new IOS 7
  • More information on screen: zoom level
  • A button with a x2 overzoom
  • Ability to hide labels with measurements to maximize effective display size.
  • Rotation and tilt of the maps
  • Compass button

If you would like any improvement, just email me:

  • Voyager19

    hello. so you can make each pin has a name gets?

    • vmalonso

      It will be ready for the next release 4.6 (Pro version)

  • Randysurvey

    Do you have or are you thinking about a PC version  
    I have the app for my I pad and as a land surveyor I
    really love it.

    • vmalonso

      Thank you.

      We have no plans to develop a PC version at this moment.

  • Ingoberger

    To place the crosshair more exactly I would like to zoom in further and have the center of the crosshair transparent (little window).
    I bought Measure Map Pro today and hoped for more precision. Honestly I am a bit disapointed now!

  • Iggy

    any plans to allow switching to bing (or google) maps inside the app? this feature exists in other map apps like MotionX-GPS.
    this would solve the quality problem of apple satellite maps which we are facing.

    • vmalonso

      Hello Iggy,

      A new release with Google Maps is waiting for Apple’s approval. Although this is a temporary version until Apple improves the quality and detail level of their maps.

      2012/10/29 Disqus

  • Marcelobilbao

    Es una aplicación muy útil. Felicitaciones y éxitos!!!

  • Rok

    Would be great to be able to add photos inside of Descriptions to pins!

    • Rok

      Oh and topo maps would be great too!

  • Dandy

    PLEASE! PLEASE, Make a version for Android Devices!

  • James

    Search by section township range and topo maps